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Weight Loss Coach for the Personal Training Professional

New Skills for Today's Personal Trainer:

"Discover How to be a Weight Loss Coach"

The Weight Loss Coach program is one of three required core courses for:
Life Coach Certificate with an Emphasis in Weight Loss


- Course Description -

The demand for life coaching has grown in the last 20 years. Now combine this growing segment of the wellness industry with an increased population of people who are obese or overwight -- creating a unique opportunity for the personal trainer skilled as a Weight Loss Coach.

The Weight Loss Coach program offers you a
solution to better serve your client base

In the foundational Life Coaching course, you will discover the theory of coaching and many of the psychological components involved. In the Weight Loss Coach progam you will discover how to implement the applied skills that are involved in the process of Coaching for Weight Loss ...

You will help your clients overcome
challenges in losing weight

These life-changing concepts will be covered in an applied, skill-oriented fashion. For your optimal learning, you will be presented with the steps to take when performing each skill.

In the Weigth Loss Coach program, you will discover:

  • How to create the environment for change to occur
  • How to hande client resistance
  • How to help the client create a healthy identity
  • How to help the client create the support needed for change to be maintained

You will get started by learning how to create a healthy environment for change. This important process will help you discover many critical factors, leading you to the remaining components which will empower you and your clients to set the foundation to achieve success.

Table of Contents:

  1. Creating the environment for change
    1. Unconditional positive regard
    2. Modeling self acceptance
    3. Encouraging self exploration
    4. Education about the change process
  2. Addressing client resistance (barriers to change)
    1. Identifying fears about change
    2. Identifying unhealthy coping mechanisms
    3. Identifying external resistance to change
    4. Educating the client about emotional tolerance and healthy coping mechanisms
    5. Modeling healthy coping mechanisms
  3. Creating a healthy identity
    1. Teaching self exploration
    2. Teaching self acceptance
    3. Identification of client strengths, values, beliefs associated with healthy identity
    4. Allowing for creation of new identity
    5. Exploration of expectations associated with a healthy identity
  4. Creating support for change
    1. Identifying supporters of change
    2. Identifying structure to support change
    3. Identifying activities to support change
    4. Fostering competence to maintain change
  5. Weight Loss Coach Exam

Earns 3 ISSA CEU, 0.3 NAFC CEC. All text. Features online exam and instant grading. A Certificate of Completion will be generated upon completion of course.

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Weight Loss Coach for the Personal Training Professional

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Earns 3 ISSA CEU, 0.3 NAFC CEC