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Marina del Rey, California Personal Trainer:
Mychael Shannon

Making Healthy Your Habit

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Personal Training and Fitness Bio

Elite Physiques is a revolutionary way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through our proven workouts, nutrition education and meal plans as well as positive motivation every step of the way, you will look and feel your best. Because being healthy is not about a quick fix; Itís about transforming your body and your thinking.

My training philosophy starts from the ground up. From our first meeting, we are constantly looking to improve your health; starting with a movement assessment. Too many people want to jump straight into heavy lifting and strenuous workouts to get the benefits quickly. We will get the results, but we have to step back and make sure you are moving fine first in order to prevent injuries firstly, AND then allow better movement and more effective results during those killer workouts afterwards! That's not to say you won't get a great workout in the beginning, only that we have to do it in the right order! My style of training is functional. I want your body to work out the way our body was intended through movement. We do a lot of compound movements, exercising over numerous joints in singular movements which requires our body to work as a whole focusing on a strong, safe core as well as perfect posture. Not only does this allow for more efficient and effective workouts, its also the way we do things in every day life. How many muscle groups do you think we use to properly lift a heavy box up off the ground and put it up and a waist high table? A lot more than sitting on a piece of exercise equipment that focuses on one muscle only :) To achieve this functional movement, we use TRX, Kettle Bells, sand bags, body weight, battle ropes, tires, stretch chords and numerous other exciting pieces of equipment...I promise you'll never get bored of repeat workouts! DIET! Perhaps the most important part of any healthy lifestyle change, and often overlooked. What you eat is what you wear on your waist. So if you are not eating properly, you aren't going to be getting near the results you are hoping for. Therefore, we make sure to guide you through your nutrition and even offer complete meal plans/shopping lists!

Elite Physiques Can Offer You:

  • -Over 15 years as a Trainer
  • -Dedicated to helping you surpass your fiteness goals
  • -Prived functional training focusing on core and perect posture
  • -Nutrition plans and shopping lists to ensure proper nutrition
  • -Satisfaction and Results GUARANTEED!
  • -Free consultation and movement assessment

I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting started on your health and fitness goals. For more info, or to see some of the numerous positive changes we have already made in our community, check out the testimonials on our webpage: http://www.ElitePhysiquesLA.com Be Healthy! Mychael

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

  • Personal Trainer Certification, Youth Fitness Certification

Specialized Fitness Services

Bootcamps and Group Fitness, Corporate Fitness, General Fitness, General Nutrition, Rehab, Sports Conditioning, Strength, Weight Loss, Childhood Obesity, Triathlon

Where I work with clients

  • Elite Physiques: 4207 Del Rey Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

My rates while training clients at the Gym

  • 1 Session $90
  • 5 Sessions $85 each
  • 10 Sessions $80 Each
  • 50 Sessions $65 each

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