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Cumberland, Maryland Personal Trainer:
Lee Shepherd CFT, FNC

Providing the safest and most effective programs for FAST results through science, education, and dedication!

Personal Training and Fitness Bio

The mission of LTS Fitness is to provide clients with the safest and most effective training and nutrition programs possible. Through hard work, education, and science, we can together achieve results that you can see and feel!

LTS fitness is 100% dedicated to working with you to achieve the fitness and health goals that YOU want. Whether you are looking for one-on-one personal training or taking part in our online personalized virtual trainer program, LTS Fitness is with you every step of the way to ensure you reach every goal you set! Contact LTS Fitness today for your free consultation and assessment and take the first step towards a stronger and healthier lifestyle!

LTS Fitness Can Offer You:

  • Safe and Effective Program Design
  • The Results YOU want
  • Scientific Approach for Real Results
  • Sustained Results
  • In-Home Training
  • Group Training
  • Online Fitness and Nutrition Plans

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

  • Fitness Nutrition Certification, Personal Trainer Certification

General Academic & Fitness Education

  • Senior pursuing B.S. in Exercise Physiology at FSU

Specialized Fitness Services

General Fitness, General Nutrition, Rehab, Strength, Weight Loss

Where I work with clients

  • The Body Factory, Bel Air, Maryland 21502
  • LTS Fitness Online: https://www.hyperstrike.com/ltsfitness, ANY, ANY 00000
  • Your Home

My rates while training clients at the Gym

  • Call or email for rates

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