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Cupertino, California Personal Trainer:
Brian Danley

I will provide the right training program to sculpt and add muscle mass to your body

Personal Training and Fitness Bio

I have been an avid and serious weight lifter for over 20 years and have trained clients of all ages at Stanford University for over 3 years. Possessing the competence, knowledge and communication skills needed as a successful personal trainer, I know I will help you achieve your fitness goal. I intend to utilize the values of discipline, dedication and mental fortitude instilled in me as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the military to encourage the utmost effort and motivation for you to succeed in accomplishing your goal.

While studying concepts related to the field of Mechanical Engineering at San Jose State University, I was encouraged by my dormitory roommate to train at the school gym. I enjoyed the discipline and intensity involved with training as these qualities coalesced well with the values of duty, motivation and focus learned throughout my military career. My innate passion and interest in health and fitness ultimately lead me to study courses supporting the particular emphasis of Fitness and Exercise Specialist within the field of Kinesiology at San Jose State University. The knowledge obtained from my undergraduate study of Kinesiology and certification experience through The International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA) has allowed me to competently train clients at Stanford University. I intend to continue refining the art of designing personalized training programs for my clients in order to become a more proficient personal trainer outside the academic environment. By utilizing a comprehensive consultation procedure to ascertain health and fitness history as well as fitness goals, I can readily design an appropriate training program for any client.

briandanleyfitness.com Can Offer You:

  • Experienced personal training services
  • Effective sculpting and muscle mass programs
  • I come to you
  • Free fitness and health risk assessment
  • Free body composition assessment
  • Determination of duration period to accomplish fitness goal
  • Personalized training programs to suit your needs

I invite you to contact me using the form below, or by calling the telephone number under my Current Special on the right. I also encourage you to check out my website at the following address: http://www.briandanleyfitness.com. Exercise is the best medicine and I aim to help you achieve your fitness goals. I look forward to working with you.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

  • Fitness Exercise Therapist Certification, Fitness Nutrition Certification, Personal Trainer Certification, Senior Fitness Certification, Sports Nutrition Certification, Strength and Conditioning Certification

General Academic & Fitness Education

  • B.S. degree: Kinesiology (SJSU)
  • B.S. degree: Mechanical Engineering (SJSU)
  • Certificate of Completion: Personal Fitness Trainer (DE ANZA COMMUNITY COLLEGE)

Specialized Fitness Services

Body Building, Corporate Fitness, General Fitness, General Nutrition, Online Fitness Training, Rehab, Sports Conditioning, Strength, Tai Chi, Weight Loss, Yoga

My rates while training clients at the Gym

  • 1 Session $95
  • 5 Sessions $430
  • 10 Sessions $810
  • 50 Sessions $3325

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