Littleton, Colorado Personal Trainer:
Troy Johnson

Personal Training and Fitness Bio

I have been helping individuals get there fitness goals accomplished for 4 years now. I started straight out of college in the Lakewood, Littleton Area, and currently have locations at Centennial and Lakewood. I am a trainer that emphazies using your own body weight, teaching people to make nutrition a lifestyle instead of a diet, and being as specific as possible with our time and energy we use. You will become more knowledgable about all aspects of fitness in working with me.

I am a trainer that has always loved athletics and the body. I understand fitness is not everything, so I therefore tailer all my programs and recommendations specific for the individual and the lifestyle they want to lead.

Troy Johnson Fitness Can Offer You:

  • I provide a safe judge-free environment
  • Experienced expert direction/supervision
  • Accountablity outside of training. ex. cardio, nutrition
  • Motivation that is real. I'm not a drill sergeant, unless you need me to be one

Whatever your goal consists of, my teaching will empower you to reach it quick, effective, and safe. My goal is to be able to have you learn and leave motivated enough to know your body well enough to train it.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

  • Personal Trainer Certification, Strength and Conditioning Certification

General Academic & Fitness Education

  • BS Exercise and Sport Science
  • NASM CPT NASM Sports Performance Specialist

Specialized Fitness Services

General Fitness, General Nutrition, Online Fitness Training, Rehab, Sports Conditioning, Strength, Weight Loss

Where I work with clients

  • Universal Health Center Colorado: 8200 E Park Meadows Drive Unit # 8230, Lone tree, Colorado 80124
  • Home: 8451 S. Oak St., Littleton, Colorado 80127
  • Your Home

My rates while training clients at the Gym

  • 1 Session $60
  • 5 Sessions $300
  • 10 Sessions $600
  • 50 Sessions $3,000

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