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Personal Trainer Central offers a library of high quality business education programs specifically devoted to helping personal training professionals, fitness professionals and wellness professionals become a knowledge-master within a host of industry-specific topics.

That's easy. PersonalTrainerCentral.com flat out knows what they are doing. With more experience in the personal training business than most any business on the planet, Personal Trainer Central has built several extensive software programs to help you eliminates the guesswork in selecting a personal trainer. Our easy to use processes, in addition to the sources of our trainers and the experienced management team saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on getting fit.

Yes! The topics and business principles taught in each of our courses are designed to help you gain more customers and keep more customers. You are also supported by industry professionals long after you complete each course. Plus you will get a free listing with our Public Profile service, where we have matched thousands of great people with thousands of personal trainers since 2009 (Due to postal codes, this service is currently only for trainers in the US).

Just go to www.PersonalTrainerCentral.com and choose the course of your choice and click the blue button that says "Enroll".

Once you enroll for a course, our team will build your account and login credentials. Once your account is developed, you will receive an email containing your username, login url and your course password. This process usually takes 24 hours.

Our learning management system is located at www.PersonalTrainerCentral.com/elearn, this is where you will go to study your course and take your exam (if applicable).

Yes! We have been approved by many certification organizations. If an organization needs more information about Personal Trainer Central and the course table of contents and author information, the process is very easy. Just email support [at] personaltrainercentral.com, let us know what you need we will do the rest for you!

We pride ourselves on being lightning fast for you because we know that you want your credits quickly! Once you successfully complete a course just send us an email to info [at] personaltrainercentral.com to ensure speedy processing and we will normally get your Certificate of Completion email to you in a PDF within 24-72 hours, sometimes even faster!

Not only do we provide great, time-tested and quality business education at a very fair price to wonderful customers from over 30+ countries (Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE, Britain, Ireland, Iran, Italy and more), we provide your CEC (CEU) credits quickly and conveniently.

Our course list is constantly growing with new, cutting edge business education. Just go to PersonalTrainerCentral.com and click on "Courses" to see the most current list.

As a general rule, each course will take as many hours as the number of CEU credits associated. For example, if the course says 5 CEU's this means the course should take 5 hours.

You will have 3 years to complete each course, from the date of enrollment.

Absolutely not! In over 9 years of doing business, we have never sold and never will sell our customers' names or other information to any other company or individual. We hold our customer information in the strictest privacy.

The charge on your credit card statement will refer to "Personal Trainer Central." In some cases, there may be some letters or numbers before or after the "Personal Trainer Central" designation.

Please either email Info [at] PersonalTrainerCentral.com, call 866-977-4772, or use the Contact Us form on our website to advise us of the mistake. Most mistakes can be corrected quickly.

Yes. When you place an order through our website, you are using a safe and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encrypted order form. Your contact information and credit card number are transmitted directly to our secure merchant database and the nationwide banking network for authorization.

Contact information protection is provided by password authorized access, 128-bit encryption software, firewalls, and other state-of-the-art security measures to ensure correct and safe use of data.

When you try repeatedly to place an order but the order declines, your bank or credit card provider may show the attempted purchase(s) as a "temporary" or "pending" charge(s) on your account, even though payment has been declined. Such entries may affect your credit limit on the account while they are posted, but will be automatically removed within a few business days pursuant to the bank's / credit card provider's policy. Unfortunately, there is nothing our company can do to expedite removal of these entries from your account.

When the billing address you enter online when ordering does not match exactly the information your credit card provider has for you, your credit card provider will deny the charge. Please confirm that the billing address you entered and the address your card provider has on file match.

Please either email Info [at] PersonalTrainerCentral.com, call 866-977-4772, or use the Contact Us form on our website.

Please go here to review our Customer Guarantee policy.

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