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The Complete Guide to Starting and Running Group Fitness Bootcamps is designed to teach the personal trainer the necessary skills in order to start, manage and operate a successful group fitness and bootcamp program. Course description and enrollment information.

If you are a Personal Trainer, the Life Coach Program could be the single-most important Program you add to your skillset. Once you master the tangible principles as taught in the Life Coach Program you will add real value to the lives of all your clients -- helping them to break down barriers to their ideal health and fitness goals -- goals that they may not have been able to achieve without you. Course description and enrollment information.

You will discover how to; create the environment for change to occur, handle client resistance, help the client create a healthy identity, and help the client to create the support needed for change to be maintained. Course description and enrollment information.

Motivation is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts in the fitness industry today. Ask most personal trainers what motivation is comprised of, and answers like “the desire to do something”, “wanting something,” and “willpower” emerge. But the real question is HOW do we get the desire, willpower or want to do something? This fantastic course reveals strategies and tactics to help you inspire true lasting motivation into your clients! Course description and enrollment information.

You will learn all the necessary components for starting and maintaining a successful personal training studio, including a step-by-step guide to establishing your facility’s identity, finding a suitable location, obtaining equipment, hiring staff, gaining and retaining clientele and much more. Course description and enrollment information.

This is the ultimate guide for a Personal Trainer who wants to become a Fitness Manager, grow a better PT department in an existing organization or be an entrepreneur and help existing fitness centers capitalize on Personal Training. Course description and enrollment information.

Discover how to create a lazer-focused business plan that will supercharge your fitness career.

In order for your Personal Training business to be successful you must follow the correct business program. Whether you want to work with just one or two clients part time or you want to operate a full time business, the Guide teaches you exactly how to develop a real business that you can run from your own home –building it to any level you want. Course description and enrollment information.

Develop a strategic marketing plan using the most current, up-to-date strategies and tactics including search engine marketing, social media, print, direct mail, networking, public speaking and more. You'll also discover how to plan, budget (working within any budget whether $50 or $50,000) and execute like a corporate professional.

By following the principles in this short guide, you'll learn how to set optimal prices for your services that can help you sustain a wonderful career in fitness. 

You will do this by learning the most current price setting strategies used by the biggest and best companies on the planet. And you’ll discover how the best personal trainers make the most money while keeping their customers eagerly coming back for more, time and time again.

By following the principles in this guide, you'll learn to discover, with confidence, the best markets that can sustain your career in fitness.  Additionally, you'll reduce the normal business risk associated with bringing new products and/or services to your market.

You will do this by learning to evaluate consumer acceptance of similar products and services before you 'roll out' with a full-scale and costly implementation.

This marketing research guide will also help you investigate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by examining the customer perception and behavior.

If you currently work for a health club, gym or fitness center, or you are searching for a job, your employer (or soon to be employer) already assumes your job skills are that of a personal trainer.

This resource is about helping you to grow your professional career on behalf of the club you work for.  To help you become a better, more valuable employee that “the boss” can regularly count on. 

The Insider’s Guide of Cutting-Edge Strategies for Building a Great Personal Training Business Regardless of the Economy